Why You Should Consider the Pre-owned Ford F-150 from Mike Jones Ford

Buying a vehicle means buying a new vehicle that has a warranty and no mechanical issues, right? While there are good reasons to purchase a brand-new vehicle, there are just as many reasons to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. Perhaps the most important reason to purchase a pre-owned vehicle is depreciation. Once drivers in Eastanolle, GA drive off the lot in their new vehicle, they lose thousands of dollars that can't be recouped. It's cheaper to purchase a used vehicle immediately, and drivers can also save on insurance costs in the long run. Plus, when drivers choose a pre-owned Ford F-150 at Mike Jones Ford, they are getting a vehicle with a proven reputation for offering dependable service for years - if not decades - to come.

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Ford has a Long-Standing Reputation

Ford entered the auto manufacturing world in 1903, and since then, the company has earned a reputation for producing vehicles that provide the same reliability ten-, fifteen-, and twenty years later as they did the first year. The F-150 is a prime example of this. Today, many F-150 trucks are decades old and still performing well. Some of this is due to maintenance on the part of the owner, but much of this is simply because the F-150 is a quality product and well-designed.

The Ford F-150 is both Rugged and Stylish

Simply put, drivers Commerce, GA understand that the Ford F-150 is not only a dependable truck but also ruggedly handsome. It is functional, yet the Ford F-150 serves as a family vehicle! Not only can the F-150 pull and haul lots of cargo (particularly valuable in a half-ton truck such as the F-150), but it offers a roomy cabin with plush interiors that are comfortable for the entire family. Mid-level and upper trims offer a wealth of amenities, and when drivers in Lavonia, GA and Toccoa, GA choose a late-model F-150, they get many of the same options as in the brand-new F-150 - for a much better purchase price.

The F-150 Routinely Earns Top Awards

Since 2015, the F-150 has earned top awards and rankings in the category of Full-Size Trucks by numerous automotive organizations. The truck has also earned a top ranking by the well-respected U.S. News media outlet.

These awards measure the interior comfort, the number of amenities offered, and the truck's capability. This includes the amount of available horsepower (the F-150 has offered multiple engine choices to fit the needs of its drivers for many years), the capability, and the features available across trims. The F-150 simply checks all the boxes when it comes to what makes a truck capable and comfortable, too.

The F-150 is Undeniably Safe

For several years, the Ford F-150 has offered a suite of driver assists known as the Ford CoPilot360 Safety System. The safety features included in this suite include blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, and so much more. This safety system is standard across trims, too.

Even in older F-150 trucks, Ford has always prioritized safety. The F-150 has earned multiple accolades for safety in its crash test ratings (the F-150 has one of the highest ratings in its class, scoring a 9.3 out of 10). Plus, the F-150 has airbags across the cabin of the truck to ensure driver and passenger safety.

The F-150 offers one of the Top Depreciation Rates of All Vehicles

The F-150 holds a better resale value than other trucks (and most cars and SUVs, too). Buying a pre-owned F-150 at Mike Jones Ford will find that this is one of the best ways to purchase the best-selling truck in America.